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CLAIMED — Feminine/Masculine Polarity. Femininity. Embodiment.

Oct 29, 2021

"Right away, the quality of men that I started encountering and the quality of men that I started turning away led me to magnetize the type of guys that I was looking for."

Every single woman who joins my group coaching program Claimed brings a new perspective, a new backstory, and ultimately a new success story! Here...

Oct 22, 2021

Chris is the embodiment of what we’d call a committed masculine man and this is his second interview on the Claimed Podcast.

The founder of The Business Method, he hosts masterminds for high-level entrepreneurs and has a fascination for neuroscience (fun fact: he even has his own brain scanner which he uses to help...

Oct 14, 2021

Earlier this year, as a warm-up to my last live webinar before going on maternity leave, I did a series of live Q&As on Instagram where I popped in daily to answer your burning questions about dating.

As a woman living in a small town in Wisconsin where everyone basically knows each other, Abigail wanted to know how she...