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CLAIMED — Feminine/Masculine Polarity. Femininity. Embodiment.

Sep 24, 2020

Welcome to the special Q&A episode where I provide feedback, insights, and thoughts to questions that I receive from my coaching clients and my listeners. This particular question is from my CLAIMED group program participant Bonnie. Bonnie has posted this question in our Facebook group board and has received a lot of good feedback from other women in the group. In this episode I will touch deeper on the idea that she has brought up!

"It's a wonderful vision of how I prefer my life to be. A lack of imposed stress, deadlines, business politics. My heart smiles thinking about that life...Is it possible to stay in flow in the presence of work deadlines, striving to be profitable for the company and "winning" arguments? Does it just take practice or am I fighting a losing battle. The dichotomy between these two lives couldn't be more obvious. Can they coexist happily?"


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